Competitive Research Grants

11. Low-cost genome-wide association study and genomic predictions for resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila in pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus).

Period: 2019-2022
Funding Agency: FAPESP (Brazil)-CONICYT (Chile)
Project Number:
PI Chile: José M. Yáñez; PI Brasil: Diogo Hashimoto
Co-researchers: Fabiana Pilarski; Rafael Neto
Institutions: University of Chile and Sao Paulo State University

10. Genetics and genomics of growth under chronic heat stress in rainbow trout: Getting ready for climate change.

Period: 2017-2021
Funding Agency: FONDECYT REGULAR (Chile)
Project Number: 1171720
PI: José M. Yáñez
Institutions: University of Chile

9. Millennium Nucleus of Invasive Salmonids (INVASAL).

Period: 2017-2019
Funding Agency: Millennium Science Initiative Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile.
Director Daniel Gómez-Uchida
Adjunct researcher: José M. Yáñez

8. Utilising functional genomic variation for improved disease resistance in Chilean salmon aquaculture.

Period: 2016-2019
Funding Agency: Research Council United Kingdom and CONICYT Chile
Project Number: MR/N026144/1
PI: UK: Ross Houston; Chile: José M. Yáñez
Co-researcher: John Hickey
Institutions: The Roslin Institute – The University of Edinburgh; University of Chile; Aquainnovo

7. EPIC-4: Enhancing Production In Coho: Culture, Community, Catch

Period: 2015-2019
Funding Agency: Genome Canada and Genome BC
PI: William Davidson; Louis Bernatchez
Co-researchers: Ben Koop, José M. Yáñez, Roberto Neira, Terry Beacham, Kerry Naish
Institutions: Simon Fraser University, Université Laval, University of Victoria; University of British Columbia; Aquainnovo

6. Development of an integrative strategy for the genetic improvement of the resistance against Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (Piscirickettsia salmonis) in salmonid species using molecular information.

Period: 2014-2017
Funding Agency: CONICYT (Chile) – The British Council (UK)
Project Number: IT14I10100
PI: José M. Yáñez
Co-researchers: Ross Houston; Alejandro Maass
Institutions: University of Chile, The Roslin Institute – The University of Edinburgh

5. Development of a biotechnological platform for exporting genetic services to improve warm water aquaculture species production in America applying genomic selection.

Period: 2014-2018
Funding Agency: CORFO (Chile)
Project Number: 14EIAT-28667
Director: Jean P. Lhorente
PI: José M. Yáñez
Institutions: University of Chile, Aquainnovo

4. Determination of the genetic architecture of resistance against Piscirickettsia salmonis in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Period: 2014-2016
Funding Agency: VID, University of Chile
Contest: U-Inicia
PI: José M. Yáñez
Institutions: University of Chile, Aquainnovo

3. Development of a low-density SNP panel to improve resistance to Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis virus in salmonids

Period: 2013-2016
Funding Agency: CORFO
Contest: Innova Chile (Prototypes of Business Innovation)
Project Number: 12PIE-17669
PI: José M. Yáñez
Institutions: Aquainnovo, University of Chile

2. Development of a dense SNP array for the genetic improvement of disease resistance in Atlantic salmon

Period: 2012-2015
Funding Agency: CORFO
Contest: Innova Chile (Applied R&D)
Project Number: 11IEI-12843
PI: José M. Yáñez
Institutions: Aquainnovo, University of Chile

1. Development of resources for the implementation of genomic selection in salmon.

Period: 2011-2014
Funding Agency: CONICYT
Contest: PAI (Insertion of Advanced Human Resources for the Industry)
PI: José M. Yáñez
Project Number: 78110108
Institutions: Aquainnovo


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