The Aquaculture Genomics Lab

The Aquaculture Genomics Lab based at the University of Chile is a research and consulting group focused on selective breeding and genomics for aquaculture species.

Our Mission is to provide genetics and genomics solutions to aquaculture farmers for implementing and enhancing novel strategies to improve production sustainably.

Our services are based on a strong R&D expertise combined with well-stablished genetic improvement methods. We integrate analytical approaches related to Quantitative Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, in order to understand biological processes associated to genome variation in farmed fish and its implications on both production traits and conservation.


Design, implementation, and optimization of selective breeding programs for a range of aquaculture species, with emphasis on the incorporation of genomic information.

Development of novel genomic resources for the determination of the molecular basis of economically important traits (disease resistance, growth, and product quality) in farmed fish and shellfish.

Development of cost-effective genomic selection schemes using low-density SNP panels and efficient imputation methods.

Our Services

Welcome to our advanced solutions for genetic improvement, driving increased profitability in the aquaculture industry. Benefit from optimized breeding objectives, multi-trait genetic evaluation, and efficient data management. Our routine genetic evaluations and molecular-assisted mass selection maximize gains while preserving diversity. Evaluate program success with benchmarking assays and safeguard genetic material through expert bio-banking consultancy. Join us for innovative genomics solutions that foster sustainable growth in aquaculture.

Genetic improvement consulting services

Enhance aquaculture profitability with tailored breeding plans, multi-trait genetic selection, and molecular-assisted mass schemes. Our experts provide genetic evaluations, phenotyping strategies, and benchmarking assays for continuous progress. Preserve genetic diversity with bio-banking solutions.

Genomics Services

Leverage genomics for aquaculture advancement with custom SNP panels, genome-wide studies, and high-throughput sequencing. Predict genetic merit, enhance breeding, and optimize genetic diversity for efficient aquaculture species improvement.

Other Services

Enhance your aquaculture operations with our support in technical visits, statistical analyses, training, and scientific grant applications. Maximize efficiency and expertise in genetic improvement methodologies for sustainable growth.

“Within the hallowed halls of our aquatic genomics laboratory, we’ve witnessed a revolution in understanding the DNA blueprints of aquatic life. Our work has unveiled the intricate genetic tapestries that shape the resilience, growth, and adaptability of aquaculture species. With each sequenced genome, we unlock doors to innovation, paving the way for more sustainable and productive practices. As we stand on the forefront of discovery, the future of aquaculture has never been more promising.”

José Manuel Yáñez López

Associate Professor

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